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Stem Cell Therapy

We offer stem cell therapy for arthritic joints and ligament injuries.  Stem cells are collected from the patient's own adipose (fat) tissue under a brief anesthesia.  The treatment involves using the pet's own cells so there is very little risk of reaction or rejection of the cells.

Click on the link below to learn more about stem cell therapy, including potential future uses.  Ask our veterinarians to discuss if stem cell treatment may be an option for your pet.


We also offer StemInsure a stem cell banking option which involves collection of stem cells in young and healthy pets to store for future use as they age.  The procedure can be done during routine spay, dental, or other minor anesthetic  procedure.  Please ask one of us if you would like to consider StemInsure collection for your pet.  Some owners are hesitant to put their pets under anesthisia for stem cell collection as they become older or weaker.  StemInsure enables owners to have another option.  We expect stem cells will also be used for treatment of kidney, liver, and immune disease in the near future.