At Limehouse Veterinary Clinic in Glendale, our veterinarians leverage cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments to provide the best possible veterinary oncology care to pets that have cancer.

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Cancer Care for Glendale Pets

Cancer is a disease that impacts both humans and animals, and even the healthiest ones may suffer from it. The good news is that cancer can be treated and the symtoms can be managed.

At our Glendale veterinary clinic, our veterinarians are committed to caring for pets with cancer. We also support the individuals and families who love them. As your primary care veterinarian, we work closely with veterinary oncology specialists to ensure your pet receives the best possible care. 

After studying your pet's medical history and diagnosis we will sit down with you and your pet to discuss the disease, treatment options, and prognosis.

veterinary oncology Services in Glendale

Oncology Services, Glendale Veterinarian

Supportive Care

After your pet has received a diagnosis of cancer, our veterinary team will discuss all appropriate treatment options. Cancer can be treated with several different therapies or combinations of treatments.

At Limehouse Veterinary Clinic we offer supportive herbal medicine, holistic care and palliative care when appropriate.

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