Dr. Shant Khachatourian is a veterinarian in Glendale who offers primary and holistic care with extensive training in ozone therapy.

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Dr. Shant Khachatourian, Glendale Veterinarian

Dr. Shant Khachatourian

Dr. Khachatourian, Dr. K, grew up in here in Burbank, CA.  He attended Ross School of veterinary medicine on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts. His interest in integrative medicine started early which led him to take a job at Limehouse in 2016. Dr K was trained in acupuncture through IVAS (International veterinary acupuncture society), he also has studied food therapy and herbal medicine, as well being one of the only veterinarians in Southern California having extensive training in ozone therapy.

When not at work Dr K enjoys camping, hiking, and spending time cuddling with his dogs.

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